Unlearning Gender

Jemima Repo (Newcastle University)

“The history of gender is a history not only of language, but of power.”

The Epistemologist's Moment

Jeremy Fantl (University of Calgary)

Review of Knowing Our Limits by Nathan Ballantyne

Why Do Social Identities Matter?

Linda Martín Alcoff (Hunter College, City University of New York)

"Social identities matter for epistemic reasons, and these reasons inform and affect our political cultures."

Idleness and Society

Brian O'Connor (University College Dublin)

"Idleness stands very firmly against many of the ideals by which we measure success in the modern world, not least productivity and social esteem."

What Motivates Us to Change What We Eat?

Lori Gruen (Wesleyan University)

“Empathy has gotten a bad reputation because people think of it as a type of knee-jerk reaction that is often misguided or biased.”

Digital Animals

Bill Adams (University of Cambridge)

“The distinction between animal and machine is breaking down.”

Be Kinder Than Necessary

Chiara T. Ricciardone (Bard College)

Review of On Mercy (Princeton University Press, 2019) by Malcolm Bull.

Can William James Save Your Life? Maybe...

Rebecca Buxton (University of Oxford) & Anthony Morgan (The Philosopher)

Review of Sick Souls, Healthy Minds by John Kaag

Resisting the Ontological Limbo Dance

Anthony Morgan (The Philosopher)

Review of Evan Thompson's Why I Am Not a Buddhist

Our Feelings are Not Our Own

Beth Lord (University of Aberdeen)

"Spinoza stresses that bad feelings and misunderstandings are worsened because we believe we are free."

Ethics and the “Faculty of Indifference”

Josh Cohen (Goldsmiths)

“How could the absence of a positive ethical content be the basis for an ethics?”

Reproduction Rebellion!

Eva von Redecker (Humboldt University)

"Recent critiques of capitalism have become richer and more sensitive, as activists today recognize not all forms of socialism will end the plundering of our planet."

Evolving Our Trust in Science

Ed Gibney

Review of Why Trust Science? by Naomi Oreskes

Bad Faith and the Buddha

Anthony Morgan (Bigg Books)

Review of Why Buddhism is True, by Robert Wright.

Philosophy After the Crisis

Vafa Ghazavi (University of Oxford)

Review of In the Shadow of Justice by Katrina Forrester

Faux Scientism and the UK's Tackling of Coronavirus

Alexis Papazoglou

"Many of the crucial decisions that the government has had to make in its management of the coronavirus outbreak are ones that lie well beyond the expertise of epidemiologists and behavioural scientists, decisions that require political judgement and ethical evaluations."


Mara van der Lugt (University of St. Andrews)

"Pessimism, or the philosophy properly known as pessimism, was never attractive, never popular, and never, ever easy."

Heidegger and the Politics of Greatness

Adam Knowles (Drexel University)

"The far more urgent question is to ask why the discipline of philosophy is so eager to rehabilitate Heidegger, to make him part of us, all while sequestering them, the philosophers not deemed great."

Sex and Drugs (and Ethics)

Elizabeth Robson

Review of Love Drugs: The Chemical Future of Relationships by Brian D. Earp and Julian Savulescu

The Future of Humanism

Anthony Morgan (Bigg Books)

Review of Seeing Ourselves: Reclaiming Humanity from God and Science by Raymond Tallis

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