Open Democracy and Democratic Imaginaries

Hélène Landemore with Vafa Ghazavi

In this conversation, leading political theorist Hélène Landemore will discuss the crisis of democracy, the challenge of authoritarian and meritocratic regimes like China or Singapore, the need to reform the dated political institutions of so-called representative democracy, and her new model of an “open democracy” centered around randomly selected legislative bodies.


What would an authentic democracy, in which power is open to all equally, look like? Are ordinary citizens really capable of making the law? Can there be representation, legitimacy, or even accountability without elections? She will also discuss concrete examples—primarily in Iceland and France—of democratic innovations pointing towards visions of more fully realized democracies.


Hélène Landemore is Associate Professor of Political Science at Yale University. With the recent publication of Open Democracy: Reinventing Popular Rule for the Twenty-First Century, she is half-way through a tetralogy on democracy.  Future projects include a volume on democratic foundations and democracy at work.  helenelandemore.com @landemore


Vafa Ghazavi is a DPhil candidate and John Monash Scholar at Balliol College and Lecturer in Politics at Pembroke College, University of Oxford. His research interests include theories of justice, moral agency, and the nature of moral progress. @GhazaviVD


Monday 19 October 2020

7.00 p.m. (UK time)

This event has passed.

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