A Gentle Path to the Good Life

Todd May with Anthony Morgan

You’re probably never going to be a saint. Even so, let’s face it: you could be a better person. We all could. But what does that mean for you? In a world full of suffering and deprivation, it’s easy to despair – and it’s also easy to judge ourselves for not doing more. Even if we gave away everything we own and devoted ourselves to good works, it wouldn’t solve all the world’s problems. It would make them better, though. So is that what we have to do? Is anything less a moral failure? Can we lead a fundamentally decent life without taking such drastic steps? In this event, political philosopher Todd May will consider how we should approach the many relationships in our lives – with friends, family, animals, people in need – through the use of a more forgiving, if no less fundamentally serious, moral compass than has traditionally been found in the annals of moral philosophy. May will be in conversation with Anthony Morgan, editor of The Philosopher

Todd May is a professor of philosophy at Clemson University and the author of numerous books, of which A Decent Life: Morality for the Rest of Us will be published in paperback in March by Chicago University Press. He was also one of the philosophical advisers for the television show “The Good Place.” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todd_May

Anthony Morgan is based in Newcastle upon Tyne where he edits The Philosopher. He tweets at: twitter.com/philosopher1923


Monday 12th April

7.00 p.m. (UK time)/2.00 p.m. (EST)

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