Derrick Bell and Racial Realism

Timothy Golden with Darren Chetty

African American legal theorist Derrick Bell argued that American anti-Black racism is permanent but that we are nevertheless morally obligated to resist it. Bell – an extraordinary legal scholar, activist, and public intellectual whose academic and political work included his pivotal role in the founding of Critical Race Theory in the 1970s – termed this thesis “racial realism.” 

In this conversation with Darren Chetty, philosopher and legal scholar Timothy Golden will discuss the thesis of racial realism in an historical and philosophical context, as well as the legacy of Derrick Bell at a time when the field of Critical Race Studies is coming under increasingly hostile social and political attention with the U.S.

Timothy Golden is professor of philosophy at Walla Walla University. His areas of scholarly research include African American philosophy and critical race theory. Golden’s edited collection Racism and Resistance: Essays on Derrick Bell’s Racial Realism will be published in December by SUNY Press.

Darren Chetty is a teacher, doctoral researcher and writer with research interests in education, philosophy, racism, children’s literature and hip hop culture. He is a contributor to The Good Immigrant (edited by Nikesh Shukla, 2016) and the co-author (with Jeffrey Boakye) of What Is Masculinity? (2019) and (with Adam Ferner) of How to Disagree(2019). twitter.com/rapclassroom

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Monday 29th November

7.00 p.m. (UK time)/2.00 p.m. (EST)