Gender, Knowledge, and Humankind

Louise Antony in conversation with Briana Toole

This event will showcase Louise Antony’s influential contributions to feminist and analytic philosophy, epistemology, and the philosophy of mind. Antony’s broadly interdisciplinary work has brought a naturalistic perspective to philosophical issues of both theoretical and practical importance, while focusing on whether, and how, facts about human embodiment ought to constrain philosophical theories. 

This conversation between Antony and Briana Toole will consider what holds together Antony’s diverse and groundbreaking philosophical writings of these past decades.

Louise Antony is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts. Her research focuses on philosophy of mind, feminist philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of cognitive science and the philosophy of religion. Her new book Only Natural: Gender, Knowledge, and Humankind is published by Oxford University Press.

Briana Toole is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Claremont McKenna College. She works at the intersection of epistemology, feminist theory, and the philosophy of race and gender. She is also founder of “Corrupt the Youth” – a philosophy outreach program that works with high school students in under-resourced schools.
Websites: https://www.brianatoole.com  and https://corrupttheyouth.org

Monday 31st October

7-8pm UK / 12-1pm PDT / 3-4pm EDT