How Philosophy Helps Us Find Our Way

Kieran Setiya in conversation with Anil Gomes

A special event co-hosted with the Boston Review!

There is no cure for the human condition: life is hard. But Kieran Setiya believes philosophy can help. In this conversation with Anil Gomes, Setiya will offer us a map for navigating rough terrain, from personal trauma to the injustice and absurdity of the world, showing how the tools of philosophy can help us find our way. Drawing on ancient and modern philosophy as well as fiction, history, memoir, film, comedy, social science, and stories from his own experience, Setiya will ask how we can weather life’s adversities, finding hope and living well when life is hard.

Kieran Setiya was born in Hull and now teaches philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the author of Midlife: A Philosophical Guide (2017), and is the host of a podcast, Five Questions, in which he asks contemporary philosophers five questions about themselves. His new book, Life Is Hard: How Philosophy Can Help Us Find Our Way, is published in October by Hutchinson Heinemann.
Website: http://www.ksetiya.net
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KieranSetiya

Anil Gomes is Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Trinity College, Oxford. His book reviews have appeared in the Guardianand the Times Literary Supplement, and he featured in BBC Radio 4's In Our Time episodes on Kant’s Copernican Revolution and Iris Murdoch.
Website: https://www.anilgomes.com

Monday 3rd October

7-8pm UK / 11am-12pm PDT / 2-3pm EDT