Moral Philosophy in a Disenchanted Universe

Lee A. McBride III in conversation with Andrea Pitts

A special event co-hosted with opp (oxfordpublicphilosophy.com), a journal and educational platform for critically questioning what philosophy is and how we’re doing it in form and content!

In this conversation with Andrea Pitts, Lee A. McBride III will offer a defence of his version of a critical pragmatic ethical naturalism that eschews both materialistic and scientistic dead-ends within a broader picture of disavowing those norms and traditions that justify or perpetuate oppression. Influenced by and critically engaging with the work of thinkers like Leonard Harris, Alain LeRoy Locke, John Dewey, and the tradition of “insurrectionist ethics,” McBride will address commonly used terms such as “racism,” “decolonial,” and “oppression” while critiquing institutionalised moral philosophy to make way for new vocabularies that allow us to (re)imagine and shape futures with less subjection and less degradation.

Lee A. McBride III is Professor of Philosophy at the College of Wooster. He specializes in American philosophy, ethics, political philosophy, and philosophy of race, but has additional interests in feminist philosophy, decolonial philosophy, ancient Greek philosophy, environmental ethics, and philosophy of food. His latest book, Ethics and Insurrection: A Pragmatism for the Oppressed, originally published in 2021, came out in paperback July 2022.

Andrea Pitts is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Their research interests include Latin American and U.S. Latinx philosophy, critical philosophy of race, feminist philosophy, disability studies, and critical prison studies, and they have taught graduate and undergraduate courses on topics such as carceral medicine, Latina/x feminist philosophy, queer migration studies, prison abolitionism, critical transgender politics, and feminist epistemology. Their latest book, Nos/Otras: Gloria E. Anzaldúa, Multiplicitous Agency, and Resistance, was published last year.

Website: https://pages.charlotte.edu/andrea-pitts

Monday 24th October

7-8pm UK / 11am-12pm PDT / 2-3pm EDT