Seeing Like an Activist

Erin Pineda with Robin Celikates

There are few movements more firmly associated with civil disobedience than the Civil Rights Movement. In the mainstream imagination, civil rights activists eschewed coercion, appealed to the majority’s principles, and submitted willingly to legal punishment in order to demand necessary legislative reforms and facilitate the realization of core constitutional and democratic principles. However, as political theorist Erin Pineda will argue in this talk, this familiar account of Civil Rights disobedience not only misremembers history; it also distorts our political judgments about how civil disobedience might fit into democratic politics. In conversation with critical theorist Robin Celikates, Pineda will "see" civil disobedience from the perspective of an activist, showing the consequences for ideas about how civil disobedience ought to unfold in the present. 

Erin R. Pineda is Assistant Professor of Government at Smith College. Her new book, Seeing Like an Activist: Civil Disobedience and the Civil Rights Movement, is published this month by Oxford University Press. twitter.com/erinrpineda 

Robin Celikates is professor of social philosophy at Freie Universität Berlin and a member of the editorial team of Critical Times. He specializes in critical theory, civil disobedience, democracy, collective action, recognition, migration and citizenship, and methodological questions in political and social philosophy.


Monday 7th June

7.00 p.m. (UK time)/2.00 p.m. (EST)

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