The Ethics of Procreation and Childrearing

Anca Gheaus with Veromi Arsiradam and Adam Ferner

The idea that procreation is justified on the basis of being “natural” or “normal”, and thus lies beyond the realm of moral scrutiny, is becoming increasingly hard to defend. Widespread social changes and collective consciousness-raising have opened up a conceptual space in which both procreation and childrearing can be given critical consideration.

In conversation with Veromi Arsiradam and Adam Ferner, political philosopher Anca Gheaus will explore questions such as: Under what conditions is procreation permissible? Do people have a right to procreate as often as they wish? Is there a duty to adopt rather than procreate? Is the family a legitimate institution? What are the tasks and virtues of parents? And how might we radically reconceive parenthood?

Anca Gheaus is a political philosopher at the Central European University. She is interested in justice and the normative significance of personal relationships and has published numerous journal articles and book chapters, primarily on issues concerning childrearing and gender justice. She is currently writing a monograph on child-centred childrearing. ancagheaus.com / twitter.com/AncaGheaus

Veromi Arsiradam received a PhD in Philosophy in 2018. Her dissertation was on the duty to adopt children rather than procreate. She is currently a law student at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Canada.

Adam Ferner is a freelance writer, editor and educator, whose books include: Organisms and Personal Identity (2015), Think Differently(2016), Philosophy: Crash Course (with Zara Bain and Nadia Mehdi, 2018), How to Disagree (with Darren Chetty, 2018), The Philosophers’ Library (with Chris Meyns, forthcoming) and Notes from the Crawl Room (forthcoming).


Monday 31st May

7.00 p.m. (UK time)/2.00 p.m. (EST)

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