What is Sensuous Knowledge?

Minna Salami in conversation with Adam Ferner

How can we make knowledge something that feels alive rather than something to control or worship? In this conversation with Adam Ferner, writer and social critic Minna Salami will explore questions central to how we see ourselves, our history, and our world. Critiquing the limitations of what she calls “Euro-patriarchal Knowledge”, Salami will outline an alternative way of knowing, grounded in an Africa-centred feminist sensibility, that foregrounds lived experience, expanding the remit of knowledge to encompass mind, body, and soul.

Minna Salami is a Nigerian-Finnish and Swedish writer and lecturer, and the founder of the multiple award-winning blog, MsAfropolitan. Her debut book, Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone, is published in paperback in May. msafropolitan.com

Adam Ferner is a freelance writer, editor and educator, whose books include: Think Differently (2016), Philosophy: Crash Course (with Zara Bain and Nadia Mehdi, 2018), How to Disagree (with Darren Chetty, 2018), and The Philosophers’ Library (with Chris Meyns, 2021). adamferner.com

Monday 16th May

7pm (UK time)/2pm (EST)