Whiteness and the Politics of Education

Arathi Sriprakash in conversation with Darren Chetty

Whiteness is not innate – it is learned. The systems of white domination that prevail across the world are not pre-given or natural. Rather, they are forged and sustained in social and political life.

In this conversation with Darren Chetty, Arathi Sriprakash, Professor of Education at the University of Bristol, will explore the material conditions, knowledge politics, and complex feelings that create and relay systems of racial domination. Through addressing topics such as racial capitalism, epistemologies of ignorance, and reparations, Sriprakash will invite us to reckon with past and present politics of education in order to imagine a future thoroughly divested from racism.

Arathi Sriprakash is a sociologist of education at the University of Bristol. Her work focuses on the racial politics of knowledge, particularly in the field of education and international development. Sriprakash’s new book, Learning Whiteness: Education and the Settler Colonial State, (co-authored with Sophie Rudolph and Jessica Gerrard) is published by Pluto Press.
Website: https://arathinks.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/arathings

Darren Chetty is a teacher, doctoral researcher and writer with research interests in education, philosophy, racism, children’s literature and hip hop culture. He is a contributor to The Good Immigrant (edited by Nikesh Shukla, 2016) and the co-author (with Jeffrey Boakye) of What Is Masculinity? (2019) and (with Adam Ferner) of How to Disagree(2019). His latest book, Welsh (Plural): Essays on the Future of Wales, (co-authored with Grug Muse, Hanan Issa, and Iestyn Tyne) was published this year by Repeater Books.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rapclassroom

Tuesday 18th October

7-8pm UK / 11am-12pm PDT / 2-3pm EDT