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"On Extinction" Reading Group

Facilitators: Nishok G U and Kate Warlow-Corcoran


In this group, we will read and discuss Ben Ware’s recently published book, On Extinction: Beginning Again at the End (Verso, 2024)

Dates and Times:

Weekly from Tuesday 28 May to Tuesday 25 June 2024

from 10am ET/3pm UK/4pm CET/7:30pm India (on Zoom)

Each session will last 90 minutes

In the final meeting on Tuesday 25 June, we will be joined by the author for a Q & A session.

About the Book:

On Extinction takes us on a breathtaking philosophical journey through desperate territory. As we face ‘the end of all things’, Ben Ware argues we must face our apocalyptic future without flinching. In fact, extinction is the very lens through which we should examine our current reality.

Radical politics today should not be concerned with merely averting the worst but rather with beginning again at the end. To think about the future in this way is itself a form of liberation that might incubate the necessary radical solutions we need.

Combining lessons from Kant, Hegel, Adorno, and Lacan, as well as drawing on popular culture and ecology, Ware recasts the most urgent issue of our times and resolves that we can only consider our collective end by treating it as a starting point.

About the Author:

Ben Ware is the Co-Director of the Centre for Philosophy and the Visual Arts (CPVA) at King’s College London. He has published widely on modern European philosophy, the philosophy of Wittgenstein, continental critical theory and modernist aesthetics.

Group Facilitators:

Nishok is a PhD student at Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi, India. He works on environmental philosophy and is currently interested in the moral status of ecological collectives.

Kate is on the management team at The Philosopher and is currently overseeing all our groups and classes. Her main philosophical interests are 19th and 20th Century European philosophy (particularly the work of Theodor Adorno) and contemporary philosophy of mind. She recently completed an MRes in Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London.

Booking details:

28 May to 25 June 2024 (weekly)

90-minute sessions from 10am ET/3pm UK/4pm CET/7:30pm India

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