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Writing for the Public

Anthony Morgan (Editor of The Philosopher) and guests

Overview: Are you looking to write and publish a piece of public philosophy? Over six weekly sessions, this group will explore the art of writing philosophy for the public, helping you to develop and write an essay from initial idea to completion. The groups will be a mix of discussion and writing time. In between groups, editorial feedback on draft essays will be provided by the group leader and other experienced editors.

Group Leader: Anthony Morgan is editor of The Philosopher. He will be joined by guests from the world of public philosophy.

Dates and Times: This group will run weekly from Thursday 6th April until Thursday 11th May via Zoom. Sessions will last two hours from 9.30am PST/12.30pm Eastern/5.30pm GMT/6.30pm CET.

Group Size and Entry Requirements: The size of the group will be limited to 9 people, including the group leader. In order to apply to be part of the group, you must submit a short writing sample, as well as a short overview of the essay you would like to write (or, if the idea is not yet developed to that stage, the area of philosophy you would most like to write on).

Cost: This group is free to attend in order to open it to anyone, albeit with an encouragement to offer a donation if you can afford to in order to cover administrative costs, pay the group leader for their time, and so on. The recommended donation is £50.

6th April to 11th May

Two hour sessions from 9.30am PST / 12.30pm EST / 5.30pm GMT / 6.30pm CET

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