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"Saving philosophy from the academy since 1923"

Welcome to our website! We produce philosophy that aims to be emotionally intelligent, formally innovative, and socially just. 


Read our full archive of essays, reviews, and conversations. Updated twice a week. 

Joanna Borkowska, Snow Queen 2017, Oil and Pigments on Canvas, 140x180cm_edited.jpg


"The Philosopher and the News": Leading philosophers bring to the surface the ideas hidden behind the biggest news stories. Hosted by Alexis Papazoglou.

Joanna Borkowska, Nothingness2, 2015, Oil, Pigments and Resin on Canvas, 100x140cm_edited.

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We are unfunded and rely 100% on the generous support of people like you to keep doing what we are doing, as well as to do so much more.

Nothingness1 2015, Oil and Pigments on Canvas, 100x140cm, Joanna Borkowska_edited.jpg


Our seasons of "digital dialogues" have been running since autumn 2020. To date, over 15,000 attendees from over 110 countries have tuned in.

Joanna Borkowska, Dawn_edited.jpg


You can browse our catalogue of print issues, along with merchandise, and more.

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