The first issue of The New Basics series.

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Publication Date: February 2022

Over four issues to be published in 2022, The New Basics will consider 50 “keywords” on four themes: 1) Planet, 2) Society, 3) Person, and 4) Philosophy, providing a provocative introduction to central philosophical concepts, one that excavates the seismic intellectual and social changes of the past half-century. 

This opening issue on “Planet” offers new possibilities for thinking about and living in the “Anthropocene” – the term that is increasingly used to define a new planetary era in which humans have become a planet-changing force through inflicting geologic intrusions, biological disturbances, or climatic alterations. Looking at planetary questions in terms of ontology, ethics, politics, economics, oppression, activism, and much more, the short and accessible essays in this issue offer powerful snapshots of what it means to live in a time of seismic change.   


Animal by Jeff Sebo

Capitalism by Alexander Douglas

Coloniality by Malcom Ferdinand

Connectedness by Michael Marder 

Disobedience by Erin Pineda

Livability by Simona Capisani

Movement by Thomas Nail 

Politics by Pierre Charbonnier

Racism by Romy Opperman

Sensibility by Nancy Tuana 

Toxicity by Simone Muller 

Weather by Travis Holloway 


Other highlights in this issue include: Jana Bacevic explores lived experience via Simone de Beauvoir and Sara Ahmed; Donovan Irven enters into the debate over free will from an Existentialist perspective; Paul C. Taylor discusses the evolution of race-thinking; and Jason Blakely is none too impressed by Steven’s Pinker’s Rationality.  


We are grateful to Blane de St. Croix​​​​​​​ for permission to use his stunning images in this issue.