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The Philosopher is unfunded and we rely 100% on the generosity of those who read our content, watch our events, listen to our podcast, and so on. If you care about The Philosopher, please support us as generously as you can. You can make a donation using the form on this page, become a member through Patreon, or buy a copy of one of our beautiful print issues. 

It will never be easy to provide a steady stream of high quality written content, online events, and podcast episodes free of charge with no paywalls, adverts, or funding. Given what we have managed to achieve these past few years on a minuscule budget, it is clear that we could achieve so much more if we had the secure financial foundations necessary to continue. So, we invite everyone who cares about The Philosopher to support us as generously as you can by making a donation (even a small one like the cost of a pint at the pub).

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