Following the success of our previous seasons of “digital dialogues”, with people tuning in from over 90 countries around the world since they began in autumn 2020, we have now confirmed the line-up for our new spring 2022 series.

The poster for the series can be found here


We are incredibly excited by the wide range of topics that will be discussed and the amazing speakers who have agreed to take part. Please join us and spread the word to friends and colleagues!

All events will begin at 7:00pm UK time (11:00am PST/2:00pm EST) unless otherwise stated. 

They will last for one hour, including time for audience questions.

Free and online. All welcome.

To watch recordings of many of our past events, click here.


Monday 16th May

What is Sensuous Knowledge?

Minna Salami in conversation with Adam Ferner

In this event, writer and social critique Minna Salami will offer a critique of the limitations of what she calls “Euro-patriarchal Knowledge” before going on to outline an alternative way of knowing, grounded in an Africa-centred feminist sensibility, that foregrounds lived experience, expanding the remit of knowledge to encompass mind, body, and soul.


Monday 30th May

The Philosophy of Sex and Sexuality

Lori Watson and Brian D. Earp in conversation with Moya Mapps

The philosophy of sex and sexuality is emerging as an urgent and controversial philosophical subfield, covering ethics, political philosophy, metaphysics, philosophy of science, and philosophy of language. In this conversation with Moya Mapps, Lori Watson and Brian D. Earp will offer an overview of what philosophers are talking about when they talk about sex and sexuality.


Tuesday 7th June

The Embodied Self and the Disrupted Mind

Noga Arikha in conversation with Ophelia Deroy

In this conversation with Ophelia Deroy, philosopher and historian of ideas Noga Arikha will take us on a moving journey to the roots of the self, weaving together stories of her subjects’ troubles and her mother’s decline to illuminate how the self studies itself and how it loses itself, how disruptions to our consciousness reveal the deep interconnection of our minds and bodies.


Monday 27th June

Has Decolonisation Lost its Way?

Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò in conversation with Alexandra Reza

In this conversation with Alexandra Reza, Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò will discuss the indiscriminate application of “decolonisation” to everything from literature, language and philosophy to sociology, psychology and medicine. He will argue that the decolonisation industry, obsessed with exposing slights and cataloguing wrongs, is seriously harming scholarship on and in Africa.


Monday 23rd May

What Kids Can Teach Adults about Philosophy

Scott Hershovitz in conversation with Aaron James

Some of the best philosophers in the world can be found in the most unlikely places: in preschools and playgrounds. In this conversation with Aaron James, Scott Hershovitz will suggest that we shouldn’t just support kids in their philosophical adventures: we should join them, so that we can rekindle our own innate, childlike wonder at the world. We’d all be better, more discerning thinkers for it...


Tuesday 31st May

Zen Buddhism and Philosophy

Bret W. Davis in conversation with Leah Kalmanson

In this conversation with Leah Kalmanson, Bret W. Davis will introduce key aspects of the philosophy and practice of Zen Buddhism. Davis will show how traditional Zen ideas related to the self, nature, art, morality, and language, as well as teachings related to the middle way, karma, egolessness, rebirth, and nirvana retain their relevance to our twenty-first century lives.


Monday 13th June

Philosophy and Psychedelics

Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes in conversation with Jussi Jylkkä

What impact have psychedelics had on philosophy? In this conversation with Jussi Jylkkä, philosopher and psychonaut Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes will argue that psychedelic experience opens up new perspectives on fundamental philosophical questions relating to human experience, ethics, and the metaphysics of mind, and even offer ways to gain new forms of knowledge.


Tuesday 24th May

Animals and Critical Theory

Alice Crary and Lori Gruen in conversation with Dinesh Wadiwel

Our current systems of thought and action are failing animals and, ultimately, humans too. In the wake of global pandemics, mass extinctions, and catastrophic climate change, Alice Crary and Lori Gruen will present a critical animal theory for understanding and combating the structural forces that enable the diminishment of so many to the advantage of a few.


Monday 6th June

Charles Mills and the Racial Contract

Nathifa Greene in conversation with Elvira Basevich

Charles W. Mills, who died last year, was a brilliant, iconoclastic leader of contemporary political philosophy. To coincide with the 25th anniversary of the publication of Mills' groundbreaking book "The Racial Contract", Nathifa Greene and Elivra Basevich will introduce some of Mills’ key philosophical ideas and reflect upon what his philosophical legacy means and how we are to carry it on.


Monday 20th June

Madness, Identity, and Recognition

Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed in conversation with Helen Spandler

In this conversation, Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed will argue that contemporary developments in mental health activism pose a radical challenge to psychiatric and societal understandings of madness. Activists seek cultural change in the way madness is viewed, and demand recognition of madness as grounds for identity. But can madness constitute such grounds?

  • Is Democracy Doomed?
    Tue, 05 Apr
    05 Apr, 19:00 – 20:00 BST
    Jason Brennan and Hélène Landemore in conversation with Alexander Douglas
  • The Politics of Gender and Identity
    04 Apr, 19:00 – 20:00 BST
    Finn Mackay in conversation with Jana Bacevic
  • The Internet Is Not What You Think It Is
    28 Mar, 19:00 – 20:00 BST
    Justin E.H. Smith in conversation with Alexis Papazoglou