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Our seasons of "digital dialogues" have been running since autumn 2020. To date, over 12,000 attendees from 109 countries have tuned in. To watch recordings of many of our past events, click here.

Our winter series will begin on Monday 15th January and will run until Monday 27th February. You can see the poster for it here. We are also co-hosting "A Century of Violence" with the Centre for the Study of Violence at the University of Bath. You can see the poster for that series here. We will upload the listings below within a fortnight of each event (and hopefully sooner).   

All our events begin at 7:00pm UK time (11:00am PST/2:00pm EST) unless otherwise stated. 

They will last for one hour, including time for audience questions.

Our events are free and  all are welcome.


Monday 6th February

Ultimate Meaning (And Why We Cannot Have It)

Rivka Weinberg in conversation with Anthony Morgan

The “meaning” of life can refer to several different things, including value, explanation, upshot, impact, significance, purpose, or point. In this event, Rivka Weinberg will consider many dimensions of meaning in life – from beauty to truth to death – before focusing on “point” or “pointlessness”. For Weinberg, this captures the essence of the problem of the meaning of life: it’s pointless. Join us to find out why…


Tuesday 7th February

What Matters Most

Valerie Tiberius in conversation with Karen Stohr

Valerie Tiberius will introduce us to a way of thinking about our goals that enables us to reflect on them effectively throughout our life, offers strategies for coping with obstacles to realizing our goals, including gender bias and other kinds of discrimination. Whether we are changing jobs or reconsidering our whole life path, this conversation will be an essential guide to helping us understand what really matters to us and how we can thoughtfully pursue it.


Monday 13th February

Beauty and Being Alive

Nick Riggle in conversation with C. Thi Nguyen

You didn’t choose to live this delicate and difficult life. Yet when you consider that your existence is fleeting, an inspired sense of urgency can spring forth. In this event, philosopher Nick Riggle will explore the beauty of being alive by investigating the things we say to inspire ourselves and each other: seize the day, treat yourself, you only live once. While these clichés are at best vague, at worst stupid, Riggle will help point us to what is valuable and enriching about them.

  • Writing for the Public
    Will begin in Spring 2023 - Dates/Time TBC
    These classes will take place via Zoom
    Will begin in Spring 2023 - Dates/Time TBC
    These classes will take place via Zoom
    A series of six classes run by our editor, Anthony Morgan (and special guests), to help PhD students in philosophy and the humanities to learn the skills necessary to write for non-academic publications.
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