Monday 17th May

Philosophy in the Arts

Robert Pippin with Jensen Suther

What is the relationship between philosophy and the arts? In this conversation, Robert B. Pippin will explore how works of art can take on philosophical ambitions, contributing to philosophy in ways that transcend the discipline’s traditional analytic and discursive forms.


Tuesday 25th May

Toward a New Ethic of Sexual Pedagogy

Richard Kearney with Anthony Morgan

Our contemporary culture is in crisis around touch. With the rise of #MeToo, questions surrounding the right and wrong kind of touch and the broader ethics of sexual communication have taken on a new and urgent relevance. In this conversation, renowned philosopher Richard Kearney will argue that we have lost the art of touch because we have not done the right kind of thinking or pedagogy around it.


Monday 14th June

Philosophical Empires

Chris Meyns and Adam Ferner with Yoko Arisaka

What makes a philosophical text a "classic"? This talk will attempt to rethink the idea of philosophy as a series of “great works” by “great men” that feeds into a general, often unconscious, understanding of what makes a work “properly philosophical”.


Monday 5th July

Dump Philosophy

Michael Marder with Sofia Lemos

According to Michael Marder, the Earth, along with everything that lives and thinks on it, is at an advanced stage of being converted into a dump for industrial output and its by-products feeding consumerism and its excesses. In this conversation, Marder will survey the devastation that is the reality of the twenty-first century, providing a frightening and yet intellectually spellbinding glimpse of the future.


Tuesday 18th May

Free Will and Criminal Justice

Gregg Caruso with Leo Zaibert

Within the criminal justice system, one of the most prominent justifications for legal punishment is retributivism. Join two philosophers at the cutting edge of research into punishment and retribution. Gregg Caruso opposes retributivism, while Leo Zaibert defends it. Let’s see how it plays out!


Monday 31st May

The Ethics of Procreation and Childrearing

Anca Gheaus with Veromi Arsiradam and Adam Ferner

The idea that procreation is justified on the basis of being “natural” or “normal”, and thus lies beyond the realm of moral scrutiny, is becoming increasingly hard to defend. This conversation will explore the widespread social changes and collective consciousness-raising that have opened up a conceptual space in which both procreation and childrearing can be given critical consideration.


Monday 21st June

Doing Justice to the Social

Sally Haslanger with Jana Bacevic

In this conversation with Jana Bacevic, leading social philosopher Sally Haslanger will explore the ontological, epistemological, and political dimensions of the social realm, paving the way for an enriched account of social justice and how it can be achieved.


Tuesday 6th July

A New Theory of the Earth

Thomas Nail with Dorion Sagan

In this event, Thomas Nail will argue that climate change and other ecological disruptions challenge us to reconsider the deep history of minerals, atmosphere, plants, and animals and to take a more process-oriented perspective that sees humanity as part of the larger cosmic and terrestrial drama of mobility and flow.


Monday 24th May

Rethinking Violence

Brad Evans with Andrés Saenz de Sicilia

Whether physical or metaphorical, institutional or interpersonal, violence is everywhere. A seemingly immutable fact of life, it is nonetheless rarely engaged with at the conceptual level. What does violence actually mean? And is it an inevitable part of the human condition?


Monday 7th June

Seeing Like an Activist

Erin Pineda with Robin Celikates

In this conversation, political theorist Erin Pineda will argue that the popular and familiar account of Civil Rights disobedience not only misremembers history, but also distorts our political judgments about how civil disobedience might fit into democratic politics.


Monday 28th June

Hannah Arendt and Political Thinking

Samantha Rose Hill with Chiara Ricciardone

Hannah Arendt is one of the most renowned political thinkers of the twentieth century. In this conversation, Samantha Rose Hill will explore what Arendt’s writing and biography can teach us about engaging in the work of political thinking.

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