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Our seasons of "digital dialogues" have been running since autumn 2020. To date, over 15,000 attendees from over 110 countries have tuned in. To watch recordings of our past events, click here.

We will upload the listings below within a fortnight of each event (and hopefully sooner). You can see the poster for the new series (and all previous ones) here.  

Our Monday events begin at 11am PT/2pm ET/7pm UK time unless otherwise stated, while our Tuesday events begin at 4pm PT/7pm ET which opens them up to audiences in the Asia-Pacific region.


Our events last for one hour, including time for audience questions. They are free and  all are welcome.


Monday 27th May

The Eye of the Master: A Social History of Artificial Intelligence

Matteo Pasquinelli in conversation with Audrey Borowski and Andrés Saenz de Sicilia

A dominant view describes AI as the quest “to solve intelligence” – a solution supposedly to be found in the secret logic of the mind or the complex neural networks of the brain. Matteo Pasquinelli’s 2023 book, The Eye of the Master, argues, to the contrary, that the inner code of AI is shaped not by the imitation of biological intelligence, but the intelligence of labour and social relations.


Monday 10th June

Liberalism as a Way of Life

Alexandre Lefebvre in conversation with Helena Rosenblatt

Where do you get your values and sensibilities from? If you grew up in a Western democracy, the answer is probably liberalism. Liberalism is the ideology of our times, as omnipresent as religion once was. In conversation with Helena Rosenblatt, Alexandre Lefebvre will discuss how so many of us are liberal to the core, why liberalism provides the basis for a good life, and how we can make our lives better and happier by becoming more aware of and committed to the beliefs we already hold.


Monday 3rd June

Rules and Algorithms

Lorraine Daston in conversation with Audrey Borowski

Since ancient times, algorithms have been one of several definitions of rules, but by no means the only or even the most prominent one. Lorraine Daston’s 2022 book, Rules: A Short History of What We Live By, traces the rise of rules of algorithms in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This conversation between Daston and Audrey Borowski will discuss the book, prefaced by a brief introduction to its themes, with special emphasis on the rule-as-algorithm and its alternatives.


Monday 10th June

Who Do We Become When We Talk to Machines?

Sherry Turkle in conversation with Audrey Borowski

Technology is the architect of our intimacies. We are human because language makes us so. And yet, we now contemplate a world where from our earliest years we talk to smart machines. Machines have no friendship to offer, and yet we persist in the desire for conversation and even communion with the inanimate. What does that do to who we are as humans? What do we forget when we talk to machines? How can we remember ourselves?

  • Writing for the Public
    Writing for the Public
    Will begin in Spring 2023 - Dates/Time TBC
    These classes will take place via Zoom
    A series of six classes run by our editor, Anthony Morgan (and special guests), to help PhD students in philosophy and the humanities to learn the skills necessary to write for non-academic publications.
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