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Groups / Classes

Our classes and groups are a mixture of reading groups, discussion groups, and whichever other kinds of ways of doing philosophy we can think of. With limited places, priority will be given to our Patreon supporters and print subscribers (please note that the print subscription option has now been incorporated into the Patreon membership) but we hope that everyone who wishes to attend a group will be able to do so. If you wish to be kept informed of any new groups/classes, you can sign up to our weekly Substack newsletter


30 April to 04 June 2024 (weekly)

Empire of Normality Reading Group

Facilitator: Kate Warlow-Corcoran

In this group, we will read and discuss Robert Chapman’s recently published book "Empire of Normality: Neurodiversity and Capitalism". In the book, Chapman explores the rich histories of the neurodiversity and disability movements, showing how the rise of capitalism created an 'empire of normality' that transformed our understanding of the body into that of a productivity machine.


15 May to 26 June 2024 (weekly)

The Life of the Mind

Facilitator: Amogh Sahu (Columbia University)

What is thinking? What is it to think well? What conditions do we need, or what strategies might we employ, to be good thinkers? Why might we believe it is important to think well? In this seven-week course, we will consider such questions by doing a comparative reading of two books written a century apart: The Intellectual Life by A.G. Sertillanges and Lost in Thought by Zena Hitz.


28 May to 25 June 2024 (weekly)

On Extinction Reading Group

Facilitators: Nishok G U and Kate Warlow-Corcoran

In this group, we will read and discuss Ben Ware’s recently published book, "On Extinction: Beginning Again at the End". Ware's book takes us on a breathtaking philosophical journey through desperate territory. As we face ‘the end of all things’, he argues that we must face our apocalyptic future without flinching. In fact, extinction is the very lens through which we should examine our current reality.

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