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"What Matters Most: Conversations on the Art of Living" Anthony Morgan (Ed.)

"What Matters Most: Conversations on the Art of Living" Anthony Morgan (Ed.)

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Overview: The ancient Greek philosopher Plotinus insisted that philosophy should be concerned with nothing less than τo τιμιώτατον (to timiotaton), generally translated as "what matters most". This collection of philosophical conversations by many of the world's leading thinkers seeks to honour Plotinus' vision by addressing questions related to the art of living. When thinking about the art of living, we may conjure up ideas of therapy, meditation, peace, happiness, and so on. However, this collection aims to expand the scope of this idea, foregrounding social and political questions, alongside more traditional existential ones. How are we to think about the art of living together, of living with technology, of living under oppression, of living in the end times? These engaging and urgent conversations invite us to think anew about the complexities and challenges involved in living a good life in a world characterized by uncertainty and change.


Part I: Living under oppression

1. The politics of gender and identity - Finn Mackay with Jana Bacevic

 2. Submission and emancipation - Manon Garcia with Kate Kirkpatrick

 3. Madness, identity and recognition - Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed with Helen Spandler

 4. Reimagining Black men - Tommy J. Curry with David Livingstone Smith

 5. Iris Marion Young and structural injustice - Maeve McKeown with Alasia Nuti

 6. Disobedience and seeing like an activist - Erin R. Pineda with Robin Celikates


Part II: Living together

7. What is “we”? - Dan Zahavi with Luna Dolezal

8. Polarization and talking across difference - Elizabeth Anderson with Alexis Papazoglou

9. Misinformation and the right to know - Lani Watson with Aidan McGlynn

10. Decolonial ecologies - Malcom Ferdinand with Romy Opperman

11. Listening to animals - Eva Meijer with Darren Chetty and Adam Ferner

12. Relationality and political commitment - Lewis R. Gordon with Olúfemi O. Táíwò


Part III: Living with technology

13. Misunderstanding the internet - Justin E.H. Smith with Alexis Papazoglou

14. Will artificial intelligence transform ethics? - Shannon Vallor with John Zerilli

15. The algorithmic is political - Annette Zimmermann with Matt Lord

16. Artificial bodies and the promise of abstraction - Peter Wolfendale with Anthony Morgan

 17. Intelligence and the future of artificial intelligence

Stephen Cave with Sage Cammers-Goodwin

 18. We and the robots - John Danaher with Anthony Morgan


Part IV: Living through crisis

19. A world beyond capitalism - Martin Hägglund with Lea Ypi

20. Derrick Bell and racial realism - Timothy Golden with Darren Chetty

21. Spinoza in the Anthropocene - Beth Lord with Chris Meyns

22. Animals, pandemics and climate change - Jeff Sebo with Lauren Van Patter

23. The task of thinking in the age of dumping - Michael Marder with Sofia Lemos

24. Why misanthropy? - Ian James Kidd with Anthony Morgan

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